Beer From The Beginning

I can’t remember the first time I had beer, but I do know this; I was not impressed. Maybe it was something to do with my 16 year old self, my immature taste buds, or just the fact i was drinking some of the most basic Bud Light- I was not having it. 

About seven years ago my brother and dad got in to brewing, separately, but completely at full force. Before that, I thought of IPA as something so vicious and bold that the hops were literally trying to duke it out with my taste buds; I could hardly stomach a Manny’s without feeling the need to throw it down the hatch. But I knew one thing, if I even had a chance to be a part of this family- and I already can’t do hot sauce, how embarrassing- I knew I’d have to buck up, wrangle in my taste buds and find my deep love for beer. 

Now, at almost 25 years old, I can say I drink some of the finest beers; and I’m not just talking about my families home brews. I have fallen for porters, stouts and IPA’s. I can decipher my pallet and also the wonderful world of hops. 

Follow me, as I explore the wonderful world of beer, food and the breweries I have the pleasure of living around. This is Seattle, 16oz at a time!


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