I always feel like Mondays are for adventures- or I guess every day for that matter. But this past Monday, I got that itch to chase down some fluffy snow so I had no other option but to jump in the car and head up to Snoqualmie Pass. If anyone knows my parents, they are far past beer obsessed; so of course the moment I told them I was heading that way over the pass they almost shouted at me, in unison, to check out Dru Bru. 

Dru Bru is tucked in a little row of warehouse buildings across from the only gas station on the top of the pass, perfect spot to stop at after a day of riding or simply just passing through. The atmosphere is perfect for a great conversation, quick beer or really just a time killer. The taproom faces the mountains, and has these immaculate windows that let in all the light- which is important when the Pacific Northwest is infamous for grey skies. 

Now, the important part.. BEER! I had to check out their fresh hop IPA as well as their regular IPA; let me tell you, the IPA pretty much stole my beer lovin’ heart. This IPA was a little different than most, with a more citrus and light flavor, it didn’t have that normal bitter essence of a true IPA, but sometimes that just what you need. Right? I dug it so much I had to snag a mini growler (they currently aren’t selling their 64oz just yet) and would suggest that you do the same! 


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