Two Beers Brewing Anniversary

I’m a little late to this whole party, but Two Beers Brewing Co. on November 14th was one hell of an event. I’m not sure exactly what I expected.. maybe just not the multitude of people there? The only times I’ve ever been there, there might have been just a handful of people there; not a 10 person line just to grab a beer!

The Woods tasting room is easily becoming one of my favorites. The warehouse from the outside doesn’t look like too much, but when you go in to Two Beers, it’s immediately inviting and oozes the feel of the Pacific Northwest; from the wood bar and exposed beams to the awesome light fixtures that have branches on them, this has to be one of the best taprooms in Seattle. 

Two Beers just released their Wonderland IPA as well, and the 8th Anniversary was kind of a kick off night for that too! This beer is an easy drink, and definitely lives up to its IPA name, with the notes of citrus and also a bite of tangerine as well. With a 7.1% ABV and 84 IBU’s, this definitely doesn’t taste like one of those heavily hoppy beers for the percentage. Definitely worth the trip to SODO to enjoy one of these bad boys, and also check out their brand new kitchen too!


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