Aslan’s Disco Lemonade may be changing the game for me. I really hate sour things, and it seems like every sour beer is channeling its inner WarHead candy; you know, those candies you popped in your mouth and instantly made that scrunchy face? That’s usually how I feel every time I drink a sour beer. But today, at Ballard Beer Company, the owner just wanted me to try this beer. As soon as he said it was a sour I’m pretty sure I made an acute version of that face.. but I tried it.. and holy smokes! It’s actually really refreshing and a great beer to drink to accompany this awful paper I’m attempting to write. 

So, if you haven’t caught on to the lesson I am learning almost every post; DON’T SELL BEER SHORT! Just because you had one sour that made you want to cry, or an IPA that’s hops punched you in the face.. there is hope for change! You aren’t doomed to avoid a certain type of beer for the rest of your life.. and most importantly, DO NOT be afraid to ask for a sample before diving in to those 16 ounces.


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