Pike Winter Beer Party

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to pour at Pike’s Winter Beer Party featuring three Pike taps and two of Fremont’s winter beers as well. Pike’s lineup consisted of their wood aged stout, winter warmer, and their tandem double ale; all strong beers perfect for these cold winter nights (and definitely helps they all have a pretty decent ABV), but when it comes to drinkability I’d definitely say the double ale took the cake for me. 

That’s not to say the wood age stout was the runner up- hell, I’ll drink any stout, and if it’s aged in anything, I’m guaranteed to fan girl a little over it.

 Which jumps us in to Fremont’s B Bomb brews, which is BOURBON aged! A few years ago my brother aged a beer in a whiskey cask, so this really took me back to those days, and holy bourbon! Fremont offered their original B Bomb, and also their coffee and cinnamon infused B Bomb as well, both with an impressive 14% ABV to really knock you off your feet. 

Events like these really make me love the beer industry even more. Everyone from Pike had to be the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Definitely makes me excited to get more involved within this industry. Cheers xx


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