Two Beers Brewing & Star Wars

I really see no better way in watching Episode VI than with a dark pale ale from Two Beers Brewing. The last six weeks we have watched an episode of Star Wars (in chronological order) and making homemade pizzas. I’m really embarrassed to say this.. but I’ve never actually seen Star Wars up until six weeks ago. I know- please don’t tell any of my friends or family.. 

I almost half debated not even drinking last night; let’s just say it was somewhat of a long week? However, Two Beers is becoming one of my go-to’s, and hey, it was in the fridge so free game! I haven’t had their dark pale ale so this was a first for me, but definitely enjoyable. It had a medium weight to it (so.. the mouthfeel) that you would expect from a pale, more of a smoky mixed with malty flavors that, I might say, are perfect for Star Wars watching on a stormy Seattle night. But, sadly, kind of missing my hops from my usual IPA, but this’ll do. And can we just take a moment to acknowledge the awesome name Grey Skies?! We really can’t get more Seattle than that. Hats off to you, Two Beers! 

Cheers xx


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