I like to feel like i know a little about beer, but I know that I’m just hitting the tip of the iceberg. Now, some of you might know, I got a job working at Ballard Beer Company *internally freaking out* and that’s really brought to my attention just how little I know about certain beers; I tend to know about the things I like, and completely disregard the ones I don’t. And when I get asked how the Pilsner is on tap, my answer can’t be ‘uhhhh well it tastes like beer so..’

That brings us to this little gem; Tasting Beer, or as my coworker likes to call it, her ‘Beer Bible’. I’m beyond excited to dive in and really get a hang of all the different types of beer! And… not look like an idiot while I’m at work either. 

I came home today and completely forgot I had a 32oz growler in the fridge- score! The other day we took a trip up to Dru Bru to grab a few pints and also check out the snow that hasn’t graced Seattle yet. I ended up picking out an Alt, or Altbier, and not really knowing what that was about, just knew that my taste buds were about that. Altbier is just a fancy way of saying German-style, but also refers to the rising yeast compared to other beers, and that also gives it a more balanced and smooth taste. This guy from Dru Bru is a German Golden Ale (which I’m pretty sure is the first time even dabbling with). I’m finding my pallet is definitely growing, especially over the last few months, and have been really drawn to malty beers; this Alt from DB really has that malty, caramelly and nutty taste, but still keeps it a light body like a typical ale. I’d drive another two hours just to get my paws on some more. Cheers xx


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