Belgian Fest- Washington Beer

This year has already started out rough; from a little sniffle that turned in to strep throat, I have been bed ridden and beer free for far too long (definitely not a happy camper)! But now it’s January! Which means one thing- The 7th Annual Belgian Fest, hosted by Washington Beer Commission. This will be my first Belgian Fest, and I’m really excited to dive in to the many different types of beer. 

The Belgian beer umbrella includes: Tripels, Saisons, Dubbels, Abbeys, Wits, Lambics and more! As I’ve said before, I usually stick to what I know and keep my nose out of those I’m not comfortable with; but I’m really excited to attend this event on January 30th and really get the full realm of what Belgian beers entail! Not to mention that there are 42 listed breweries so far, and more to come, that are all amazing!! While this list is just a loose suggestion, I hear that when we get closer to the actual event there will be a brewery and food list, since outside food is not allowed (but with all the local vendors and food trucks, we surely won’t be missing out). 

They offer two different sessions, one at 12pm and one at 5:30pm, plenty of time to rearrange your schedule. With the ticket you receive 10 tasting tokens, which are 4oz each, but more can be purchased as well. You’ll find me wandering around at the noon session, trying to get my paws on all the goodness. Quick! Grab your tickets before they go! 


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