Finally popping the top on my Christmas gift from my brother (okay… uncapping with a wrestler bottle cap opener) and pleasantly surprised! I usually shy away from pale’s, not sure when that started. The aroma right away hits you in the nose, nice citrus and floral notes that really get those taste buds going. It’s definitely refreshing after the heavy beers I’m used to drinking; don’t tell my trainer this, but it’s perfect for after a kick ass work out too!
Living in Ballard, we are surrounded by so many breweries, I feel guilty it’s been ages since I visited Fremont! Going to have to track the 8 blocks (pretty much like going to the other end of the world) and check them out!! One thing I dig about Fremont is that they’re so local, yet I can walk in to just about any store and pick up a six pack. So.. what are you waiting for?! Go grab some session pale ales! Cheers xx


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