I can’t say this game is making life easy right now.. between the yells and a little (and by that I mean a lot) lack of defense, it’s safe to say tensions are more than high. Seattle, you better have all your fingers crossed!! This is also my first beer in about a week. That’s right… AN ENTIRE WEEK. So maybe this’ll simmer me down?? But what makes any high stress situation better? Oh, beer of course!
Diamond Knot Brewing has been one of my parents’ spots for awhile, but I never actually buy it in the stores. This Storm Surge Winter Ale was a littler lighter than I anticipated; I usually dig a little heavier of a winter ale, almost to a porter, but felt this one lacked a little of that density. The pour was dark with a lighter head, the smell of caramel and a medium body, which I picked up more of that yeasty/bready flavor. The combo of hops gave it a nice level of bitterness but with moderate sweet undertones. I think I always forget how great Diamond Knot is, but their brewery, and food, is quite on point!
With 22ounces of some late winter goodness, I’m really holding my breath for these Hawks!! Cheers xx


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