It’s been a very long week and a half without drinking, so I couldn’t help myself to some tasters down at Reuben’s; I really hope you guys aren’t sick of Reuben’s.. if you can’t tell I’m slightly obsessed! The one thing I love about Reuben’s is their want for change and diversity in their brews. While they have some brews on tap all the time, they are constantly bringing in new beers, changing up recipes and really exploring amazing flavors. 

The funny thing about taking a step back from drinking is that it makes it a little hard to write.. how do you write about beer without tasting it? Sure, let me ask my friends to answer.. ‘uh… it tastes like an IPA??’. I’m sure you’d love to hear that this one IPA tastes like an IPA.. However, the great things about having some really awesome friends is that they will get pints of beers you haven’t tried before, just so you can taste them! So, instead of having one beer at Reuben’s, I managed to try five or six! 

The little taster on the left is Reuben’s new release Air of The Night Baltic Porter, so new you can’t even check it in on Untappd; with a 9.1% ABV, there’s no hiding these bold and tasty flavors. With features of molasses, licorice and a bit of black currant, this beer was definitely intense (in a good way). 

Behind that is the Expat IPA, courtesy of my brother. I haven’t met a Reuben’s IPA that I haven’t loved, and we might as well add this guy to the list. Not as floral of an IPA as some of their other brews, although there are notes of citrus but I would say maybe a little more muted, but the little bit of caramel really balances out the bitterness of this one. 


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