There are some things I really dig; snow, wood fires and, of course, a tasty IPA. No-Li Brewing, out of Spokane, always gets me with their labels. Something about the simplicity and organization draws my eye to this beer every time I go to the store to snag a 22. The awesome thing about this IPA, aside from the taste, is that the hops in this beer are all from a 300 mile radius which are Cascade, Columbus and Chinook hops and paired with malt from British Columbia- talk about a local beer!

Although the color in this picture really doesn’t do it justice, the Born & Raised IPA pours a beautiful copper almost honey color. I’ll admit, we kind of gushed about it for a few minutes.. Both the aroma and taste are quite hoppy, with some citrus and pine with a little bitterness from the hops. Honestly, this beer had an awesome balance between bitterness, malts and citrus, making me want to go and check out No-Li for myself! So grab a 22, start a fire and kick back. Cheers xx


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