7th Annual Belgian Fest

Saturday was very exciting for me because I went to my first ever beer fest! I know, I’m kind of embarrassed that it’s my first, too. My parents were talking about it a few months ago and I jumped at the opportunity to tag along (they like beer; they live and breathe it, make it, taste it.. the whole 9 yards). As I understood, last years Belgian Fest was held down by the waterfront but moved to Fisher Pavilion this year. I thought the venue was killer! The breweries lined three walls of the pavilion, with mixes of tables throughout the main floor; the place was completely packed and I guess this is the first year my parents have ever seen it sold out- their friends couldn’t even buy tickets at the door! 

It’s amazing how far 10 tokens will get you, especially if you buddy up to some of the breweries and get some little ‘samples’ without having to toss em one of yours. A few of my favorite breweries were there too, Dru Bru, Wingman, Fremont, Holy Mountain, Rooftop, Silver City, plus I fell in love with many more. I recently have frequented the Woodinville area and noticed a little brewery tucked back in the warehouses, and I was lucky enough to spot them at Belgian Fest! Sumerian Brewing might have been one of the nicest breweries I came across; You could tell just talking to them how passionate they are about their beer and the newly opened brewery as well! 

I’ll admit, this might have been a challenging first round of brews for me just because I’m not used to the Belgian style; there were some tasty ones, pucker-faced sour ones, ones I didn’t fancy and ones I just wanted to gush about. But all in all, it was such a fun experience! Things like this remind me why I love the beer scene, and why I have such love for my city/state! Cheers xx


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