Two Beers- Cold Brew Coffee

Honestly, I was so excited to try this beer!  Last weekend we took a trip to Leavenworth/Plain and stayed in this killer cabin! Okay.. the location was more killer, and this cup holder just so happened to be exactly eye-level with me; bring on the snow!! Plus, it was great for keeping this fine brown ale chilled. 

My two favorite beverages: coffee & beer. Two Beers makes some killer brews (no pun intended), but I was honestly nervous to try this guy out. I have such a strong love for both beer and coffee, and really didn’t want it to be ruined. But let me tell you, it was beyond excellent! Somehow they managed to capture that cold brew taste without feeling like they’re shoving coffee down your throat. Two Beers actually uses local beans too, right from a company in SoDo called Fulcrum Coffee; like true cold brew that has to be ‘steeped’ for hours, they do just that with this brew as well. The chocolaty ale is a perfect balance of sweet & coffee, without going to far in either direction. The pour is dark black, almost like you’re drinking a cup o’ joe, with an aroma of coffee grounds and chocolate. Since it’s coffee, I can have it for breakfast, right?? Cheers xx


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