Pike Brewing Co- Chocofest

Today’s Wednesday but I swear it’s feeling a little more like a Monday. I can’t help but reminisce on Pike’s Chocofest that took place on Sunday; with the copious amounts of stouts, porters, wines, chocolate and tasty bites, I’m definitely feeling a little lackluster today. I can’t remember the last time I was at the Pike Pub, but I’m definitely make it a place from now on! I forgot how expansive and exciting it truly is, with both bars and multiple little levels, there was a surprise at every corner! They even opened up the basement and had a live band.

One of my favorite things about Pike Brewing has to be the Finkel’s. Rose Ann and Charles Finkel are the heart and soul of Pike; any event you will find them making their way around the room, chatting with anyone and everyone, and you’ll always have the best conversations with them! We ended up chatting with Rose Ann a bit on Sunday, with Charles no where in sight, and Rose Ann spilled that PIke will be opening a new restaurant on the 3rd floor (right above their current pub) that will open up more fermentation options as well as a seafood inspired restaurant! We couldn’t get the name out of her.. but it seems like it’ll be an amazing endeavor and I cannot wait to try it out!

But let’s get back to the nitty gritty; chocolate. I had an idea what this event would entail, but I was blown away by how many restaurants, chocolate’s and drink options there were! If you were wondering if you could OD on chocolate, I’m here to tell you that it’s 100% possible. My friend and I kept having to take a step back and hang out for a second so we could go back for 3rd’s and 4th’s- worth it. Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout is worth mention with its creamy chocolate malt and organic cocoa used; while the chocolate steals the show (no wonder it made an appearance), subtle notes of toffee & coffee were also present to add a nice balance. Perfect for a little taste of dessert or just a huge chocolate lover! Another favorite of mine was Pike’s Elixir of Love, which is their Chocolate Truffle Porter. Is it possible to have a beer that also tastes like you’re actually drinking a truffle as well? Pike definitely won me over with this beer, and it was a fantastic combo of chocolate, coffee and a little twist of some semi-sweet notes. Overall, I think I’m still in denial that Chocofest is over, and I might still be coming down from my sugar high.. Whoever hasn’t gone to this event really need to check it out next year!! Cheers xx


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