Yesterday was the perfect day for beers, movies and way too much couch time. I’m not sure how I got talked in to it, or maybe I was just feeling really bold, but we ended up watching Jango yesterday (I felt like maybe watching it mid day wouldn’t give me as many nightmares. Huge scaredy cat over here!). But also, who doesn’t love a good Quentin Tarantino film? At least his movies are gory in a not so real way.

Maybe I’m stuck in my Ballard Bubble, but this was my first time drinking a Bellevue Brew. Ever. And let me tell yah… I was not disappointed. This IPA was kind of totally refreshing and perfect a 1pm movie time. It had a great citrus and pine taste without being abrasive. I didn’t get a lot of bitterness out if it, which made it enjoyable for a day beer. Even the pour was beautiful and had an awesome aroma that matched with the floral and citrus notes. I usually go for more of those bold IPAs, the ones that kind of knock your socks off, but this was actually quite enjoyable. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for a lighter IPA or are just starting to dabble with more flavors. Cheers Xx


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