Backwood Brewing Co.- Blueberry Wheat

Was anyone else as shocked as me at the Super Bowl commercials? I mean, usually one of my favorite parts of the game is the commercials, but this year got a little weird. Puppy monkey baby?! Okay, thank you for the nightmares. And where was the Budweiser puppy commercial?? (at least I hope I didn’t miss it) I definitely expected more, especially for how much money is poured in to these things! But I did like the Budweiser commercial with Helen Mirren about drunk driving, I felt that was a super in-your-face commercial that wasn’t sugar coated, and it definitely gets the conversation going and the awareness. So, simply just don’t do it!  

Super Bowl weekend means drinking beer and hanging out; this Blueberry Wheat from Backwood Brewing Co. was quite surprising. I haven’t had a fruit infused beer in a really long time. When I was in college, I remember going through an anti-gluten phase and tried this blueberry gluten free beer, the one with a bulldog on in? It was like drinking blueberry pie! But sometimes there is too much of a good thing, and it kind of scared me away from drinking fruit beers, especially because I actually enjoy the taste of beer. The aroma of this beer has a bit of wheat but then you are immediately taken over by blueberry, in a very tasty way. The body is typical of a wheat beer, a little light, smooth and a dry finish. The blueberry isn’t abrasive, you get the blueberry upfront and a nice little wheat backside. With 5.2% ABV, a great beer to enjoy mid weekend or really to grab any time! Cheers Xx


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