Portland Trip: Breweries, 22s & flights.


Well we survived Portland! And by survive, I think I just mean we just kept drinking ourselves awake. I’m a die hard Sounders fan so I naturally have to dislike Portland with a burning passion, but I have to admit that it’s a pretty kick-ass city. I always feel like it’s identical to Seattle but maybe on like an ADD medicine, a little less crazy, and probably a lot more bums too (who all have really nice The North Face tents, where can I get one?!). We found it a little harder to really explore a lot of breweries without selling a kidney for all the Ubers, so we stuck to the Pearl district for breweries and hit a few! I’ll post the photos below in the ‘read more’ section, just so you don’t have to scroll for days. 

Our first stop was at one of my favorite breweries in Portland. Deschutes has such a killer line-up of brews and their food is beyond amazing, definitely worth the food coma you’re going to experience. We were able to get a few brews but I started out with The Abyss 2015 on nitro; this beer was aged in a cognac barrel and had the most perfect balance of molasses, licorice & cognac. While I love being at this brewery, I would have killed to be next to a fireplace, the roasty toasty-ness of this beer was to die for. We had a few other beers like the fresh squeezed  IPA, which will always hold a special place in my heart, but let me tell you.. my dude had the most killer burger here: The Double Blue Burger. Seriously, we’re talking blue cheese AND cream cheese. Go check it out. Get it in your car right now and go. I’ll sit here and waiting to say ‘you’re welcome’.

Next up we stumbled our way up to 10 Barrel Brewing Co. to check it out. The Portland Pub definitely reminds me of something you would find in Seattle; With exposed beams, larger almost tavern style seating and an open layout, I was feeling a little more at home for sure. I find 10 Barrel to be slightly hit or miss sometimes, but maybe I’m just too loyal to my Washington things. I landed on the C-3IPA, mostly because it’s just really fun to say and I’ve been on a Star Wars kick for a hot minute- don’t judge me. But it was a pretty decent black IPA with some nutty flavors, but had a little too bitter of an aftertaste for me. 

Our third stop kind of was that ‘Shit, you take the cake’ kind of moment for me. The service was BEYOND killer and the beers were almost too much to handle. Rogue Ales & Spirits had about 6 IPAs on tap, 3 chocolate beers, an awesome nitro chocolate stout & a bagillion others. I’ll start with the nitro, because if you don’t know me by now… I LOVE me some nitro; this chocolate stout was like drinking chocolate, perfect for valentines day, and on top of that it had that signature coffee taste that any great stout has! The runner up to this was the Chocolate Strawberry Shantea. Excuse my language but.. Holy. Fucking. Hell. Have you ever wondered what drinking a chocolate strawberry would taste like? Well buckle up, because YOU CAN DO THAT NOW. Now I’m super proud with their Hazelnut Brown Nectar.. which I ended up getting an ENTIRE case for only 40 bucks! That’s like 3$ a 22. I’m dying. I can’t even control my excitement! We also got two flights; darker beers for me and lighter for my guy, so overall I think we tasted like 13 beers all together!! I literally didn’t find a beer I didn’t like. 

Overall, Portland was so great! But.. I’m happy to be back on my own stomping grounds. So feel free to check out Portland.. but know where your loyalties reside (haha)!! Check out the pictures below! Cheers Xx


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