Reuben’s Brews- Cucumber Gose

Sour beers freak me out, and I don’t think I’ve hidden that fact one bit. Last night we were out at Reuben’s for my roommates birthday, two beers in I found myself staring at the tap list going through a mental checklist in my head. I always have to make sure I don’t double-cross my untappd checkins; you know, the important things in life…

Well the guy pointed out the Cucumber Gose and I was immediately intrigued! I mean.. the last time I had any kind of cucumber drink it was some shitty vodka at a bowling alley (we did things classy in ellensburg, I know). But I can say for certain I’ve never had anything like this. It was surprisingly really refreshing! It had a bit of a sour taste but nothing like the sours I’m afraid of, and such a great cucumber flavor. Apparently the Gose itself is ran through cucumbers to give it that balance. feel like Gose’s always taste like cereal to me, which totally makes sense with a wheat beer, with a hint of salt. Randall Cucumber Gose really took  me by surprise, but then again it’s Reuben’s and I can never get enough of them. So if you need a break from their amazing stouts, porters or simply just want something a little more refreshing and light, go grab this gose!! And you know what this means? Cucumbers are a vegetable. Vegetables are healthy. So this beer is basically a salad. Drink it up! I Cheers Xx


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