American Brewing Company- Breakaway IPA

Last night we attempted to make dinner, and I’m pretty sure we nailed it! I had such a hankering for tacos & I was getting sick of going out. So some turkey, Spanish rice, cheese and avocado later, and a bit of resistance from the guy, we accomplished taco… Monday?? And what are tacos without beer? I realized a bottle of white wine that was tucked in the fridge PROBABLY wasn’t the best combo..
This was one of those ‘judge a book but it’s cover’ kind of thing. American Brewing makes some badass labels and I knew for certain I haven’t tasted this brew yet. My memory is pretty shot, especially when it comes to school; but I seem to have to freaky intense memory when it comes to the beers I’ve drank or even the beers my friends drink around me. Where was beer knowledge when I was in school?! This IPA was right up my alley with not too bitter of hops and a very distinct caramel malty flavor. Great citrus notes at first taste, along with a crisp smoothness that tends to be my favorite in an IPA! Overall, this is a great all around IPA that’s super drinkable. I wouldn’t mind sipping on a sixpack all night, and would suggest it to those who are trying to get in to IPAs a bit more! And it makes making tacos a helluvah lot more fun too! Cheers Xx


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