Those Kitty Kat Blues..


I was down at Chuck’s Hop Shop the other day picking up some brews for some waffles I was going to attempt to make/things to bring on a Portland trip with me & the dude. Have you ever been to Chuck’s Hop Shop? Because oh my damn, it is beyond amazing. I literally suck at making life choices.. and by that.. I mean making any decision at all. What do I want for dinner? Where are we going to go tonight? What movie do I want to watch? Instant anxiety. So I found myself staring at all the bottles in a bunch of confusion. Luckily my lack of poker face came in for the clutch and this guy ended up helping me pick out about six beers (it was also Jessie’s birthday RIGHT after the Portland trip so I wanted to get him some 22s as well). I didn’t really think he’d like this brew from Black Raven, but I kind of set my hopes high. I just kind of freaked out (in a good way) that this is brewed with cat nip?! CAT NIP??? Are you kidding me?! I was sold.. Sorry, Jessie, gotta take one for the team.

The pour was pretty gorgeous, if you can call beer that? Awesome amber color and crystal clear with a fluffy white head. The aroma is instantly blueberry which I wasn’t really expecting, but pleasantly nice- like a little blueberry pie. The taste is straight blueberry which kind of took me for a loop; not like the blueberry ale I had a few weeks back by Backwoods Brewing, but more like a true ale with how crisp and light it was. I got a little vanilla finish, but not too overwhelming, and I can’t really say I tasted cat nip (I have no idea what cat nip tastes like anyway) but I did get a bit of hoppy-ness out of it. Pretty killer for a pale ale that tastes like a blueberry, and would suggest this for a hot summer day! Overall, I feel like Black Raven has nailed it once again. Cheers Xx



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