Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter (Nitro)

 My sweet tooth is out of control, so whenever I find a beer that’s so chocolatey and delicious what am I supposed to do?? I can justify knocking back a pint of Porter or Stout, but throwing down on a package of Oreos doesn’t really have the same affect to my hip region. I don’t know if you have noticed my theme of Washington beers, but I do mainly focus on drinking and writing about them. I also thought that if I could live anywhere else besides Seattle it would be somewhere in Colorado, so it was only fair to grab ahold of this beer from Boulder Beer, and I didn’t regret it one bit! And with The Hop and Hound so close by its completely necessary to check out their beers on a regular basis. I mean, I’m not trying to be a jerk here and ignore any beer you shove at me! I’ll lean towards anything nitro (except this cream ale I had the other night, but that’s a whole different story) PLUS it said shake chocolate… and I love chocolate. Let me tell you, drinking this beer was like having a milkshake from Dick’s drive in. You know, the ones with real ice cream and that wizard of a chocolate flavor? Yeah.. Un-fucking-believable. And it makes a damn good stache too..

Boulder beer has some how nailed it with this Porter, which is almost more like a stout. The nitro gave it the most smooth and creamy mouth feel, but I bet would be great either way. The first taste is hit with chocolate 100%, with undertones of dark fruit. It’s weird to have a chocolate beer, which tastes exactly like a milkshake, but not have it overly sweet. This is definitely a beer I could drink more than one of and still not be sick of it. The malts are a combo of five blends which actually consist of a chocolate wheat which are balanced with black malt. Chocolate wheat tends to be a little more light flavored, so combining it with some heavier malts help to aid it in its chocolatey goodness. Overall, this porter was pretty neat, and I would definitely suggest you getting your paws on it! Cheers Xx


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