Brunch & Brews: Greenlake Edition

IMG_3926I’m not sure how other cities work, but Seattle loves to brunch. I know- what the hell is she doing writing about brunch? Don’t worry.. beer is included, hold your horses. You could hint at eggs bennie and I would literally drop everything I’m doing; I would even eat a SECOND breakfast if it means I can partake in brunch. I know.. I’m just really committed. But really.. this happened to me on Sunday. I had kind of forgot about what time we were brunching and I already told the dude I’d make him waffles for breakfast, so I stuffed my face with waffles then headed to second breakfast. My friend group takes brunching so serious we even make Google Event Invites for it. I honestly had never heard of The Butcher & The Baker, but my friend Erika insisted it was the bees knees. Type it in to Google and tons of reviews will pop up for this place raving about their sandwiches, breakfast, drinks, and even the aesthetics of the place. This eggs bennie was pretty killer, and nothing like any I’ve ever had! The Southern Belle had a cheddar biscuit, fried green tomato, cured pork leg & collard greens. Excuse my language, but what the hell?! What kind of magician thought of this voodoo? This was one of those meals where I had to take a break half way through to finish it out. Other dishes my friends had consisted of pork belly, fried chicken, corn bread & gravy. Basically, you cannot go wrong with ANYTHING. I probably could eat anything on this entire menu and be a happy bird (I’m the pickiest eater). They also had a pretty neat beer selection and some good breakfast bevs. (See the pomegranate sparkler in the upper right? Yeah, gimme all of that.)

IMG_3927One thing you have to keep in mind is that this place only has brunch Saturday and Sunday, so you have to expect a bit of a wait. Which leads to the beer! Across the street there is this fantastic pub called Latona Pub; it sits on the corner of Latona Ave. and 65th in Greenlake. It has these amazing windows that let in all this immaculate light, which is perfect for the Seattle grey, and seating that lines both sides as well as a bar. Their beer list is pretty decent but doesn’t give too many details, other than the name of the beer. Doing what I do.. I love to know where the beer is from but HATE being that annoying person that asks about every single brewery. I know, not their problem.

My brother ordered a Whiny The Complainer by Big Time Brewery and I seconded that without even thinking; this is a beer I had never had before but I’ve heard amazing things about it- and I was NOT disappointed! At about 11% ABV, this triple is sure to knock you on your ass a bit, but I’ll let it have it’s way with me. This brew had a different mouthfeel to it, almost a bit more syrupy? But definitely not in a bad way, and some how managed to still end on a crisp note. It lived up to it’s triple IPA name by being quite hoppy, but it wasn’t too bitter, just a bit of an aftertaste that punched a bit. I got citrus notes, malt, and a touch of pine. I’d love to try Pliny, since this is supposed to be very similar, but until then I can’t say if it was successful or not! If you’re in the Greenlake area, definitely check out The butcher & The Baker and Latona Pub, both are sure to not disappoint! Plus I hear that Latona has a pretty great food selection, so taste it out for me!! Cheers Xx


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