Two Beers Brewing

This is kTwo_Beers_BartellDrugsTange.jpgind of exciting, isn’t it?! Today is the day, March 4th! Two Beers Brewing has successfully partnered with Bartell Drug’s, another Seattle born company, for an exclusive and exciting IPA for the drug store, and I personally cannot wait! And who would have thought.. a drug store selling exclusive craft beer?! Okay- we are in Seattle after all.. craft beer haven.


This couldn’t come at a better time, too. Despite all the nasty rain we have had the last few days, have you realized you aren’t freezing to death? Spring is upon us, and that means warm weather.. and warm/sweet beer. It’s pretty neat to see Bartell’s sticking to their Seattle roots, and this isn’t the first local brewery they are carrying, either! Plus, you can also have a taste in SODO at The Woods, but if you need it right this second, the launch will be at 4:00pm today, so get to your local Bartell’s and snag a tasty bottle! Cheers Xx


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