Elysian Capitol Hill

I’m really great at justifying things, so if you ever need be to talked in to something, I’m your girl! My friend and I went climbing at Seattle Bouldering Project yesterday (which you should go to) and half-assed it through a climbing session. So, obviously, we had to celebrate with beer and bacon cheese burgers.

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I’ve only ever been to the Tangletown Elysian, and even then it’s been a hot minute. This location is pretty awesome, being right in Capitol Hill with a bad ass layout too. I love bars/restaurants/drinking beer in a place with tons and tons of windows, makes living in the grey that much more appealing. I do remember them having some killer food, plus some tasty brews on tap. While the burger is beyond amazing, don’t make the same mistake I did. GET. THE. FRIES. I tried to be all healthy (hello! I was gonna eat a fat burger) so I got the side salad. Tasty.. but their French fries will make you lose it. Holy deliciousness. As soon as the burgers came, I immediately started picking at my friends plate- yep, I’m that annoying friend at lunch. Watch out, I’m going to eat all your food.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 presetI have a bit of a love hate relationship with Elysian; so I always hesitate while grabbing some of their beers, but rarely disappointed. Sure, they sold to AB, but they’ve been able to keep their edge and creativity, which is keeping me on their side a bit! One of their beers I had the chance to sip on was their Konishiki. Yep, you read that right! This beer is brewed with Sorachi Ace Hops, which are a Japanese hop, not locally grown. It’s hard to place the flavor on these hops other than completely floral, and I’m not talking the mosaic floral we are so used to in Washington. The taste was grapefruit, honey, tangerine and a bit of bitterness, but nothing that lingered (my favorite, when bitterness doesn’t linger). Overall this brew was definitely worth the try, and it hit my tastebuds JUST right, now can they start making them in 22s?


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