Woodinville Brewery Challenge

I love anything that’s a challenge, especially when it ends in something free. I mean, who wouldn’t?? The Brewers of Wiodinville have decided to band together for a Woodinville Brewery Challenge that involves six pretty neat spots: triplehorn, brickyard, dirty bucket, B-side, twelve bar and, my personal favorite, Sumerian (I’m being biased, but let me pour you a drink and give you a stamp)!! Collecting two stamps at each location, for a total of 12, and you’ll snag a great pint glass that says you completed the challenge and has all six logos on it. 

There’s an example of the card, so what are you waiting for?! Definitely drunk responsible, and remember, this DOES NOT have to be completed in one day. So feel free to enjoy those beers, and don’t chug em all down!! Happy drinking, Woodinville!


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