Sumerian- Bottling Adventures


It’s always exciting when a local brewery starts to bottle/can their own beer, it makes it that much easier for me to drink.. and that’s important. Have you guys heard of Sumerian Brewing? They opened only 11 months ago- yeah, ELEVEN.. Just shy of their one year anniversary, and they get to pop bottles too!


But today is the big day for them!! Today Sumerian Brewing will start to bottle three of their beers: Narcissism IPA, Lucidity Pilsner and their killer Eruption Double IPA. For this being a small brewery that’s just starting, get ready to see Sumerian all over the map! Not only are their awesome beers, but Sumerian has a lot going on. From Tuesday movie nights on a ginormous projector, corn hole in the warehouse & some snacks, they’ve got it going on. And on top of this, remember when I said they are only 11 months old? Right.. so on April 8th they will be having their 1 yr anniversary party! So come check out their brews, win some prizes, snack on some grub and maybe even check out a special brew!! And keep a look out for these bottles in stores, too. Cheers Xx


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