You Ate Where?

I’ve driven past No Bones Beach Club a few times, and never really understood what it was; could I bring my pup? Can I go there to pet pups? Or is it some kind of vegetarian restaurant? Well, it’s actually a vegan restaurant.. and I’m here to tell you it kind of changed my life (well my opinion on vegan food, at least). I usually stick my nose up at vegan’s and their choice of foods. I love cheese, cheese and more cheese; you’d have to be psychotic if you think I would give up cheese. And something about a chickpea burger, or whatever vegans eat, just doesn’t sound that great. But last night one of my regulars was talking about this place and going on AND on about how great it was. I trust Mark, he’s a pretty great guy, so I decided to listen to him. PLUS, they have a full bar, so I could sit there and order a beer while I waited for my takeout.

IMG_4002No Bones has a pretty impressive tap list that is consistent (from what I hear), which means they try and get the staples for as long as they can. They had a few brews like Populuxe, Double Mountain, Schilling Cider and Maui Brewing as well. Being in a beach themed spot, I had to check out the Coconut Porter from Maui Brewing because I didn’t even know they drank porters in Hawaii?? I had a little bit of a difficult time finding the coconut in this, I got a hint on the back of my tongue, but I was almost hoping it would be a little overpowering? Overall it was a pretty tasty beer! A lot of chocolate and coffee- just how I like my dark beers. It was also a pretty easy drink with medium body and a nice finish.


Now I know I’m supposed to be most impressed by the beer, after all that’s what I’m here for. But this menu.. wow. I can’t even describe how overwhelmed I felt reading all the tasty things, plus my mouth was watering like crazy. I settled on the Taro Sando, which is a sandwich but I made it in to a heavenly salad for just a buck more. This was a sesame crusted taro cake, asian slaw, sprouts, pickled ginger, wasabi mayo & sweet soy reduction thrown atop a bed of spinach, romaine & arugula. Oh. My. Lanta. I pretty much came home and immediately stuffed my face.. barely coming up for air and texting all my friends bragging about it between bites. I usually can’t eat ANYTHING spicy, not even mild salsa is safe for me- really not sure how I’m related to my whole family.. But the sweet and spicy combo balanced out nicely. I didn’t even know I was eating slices of Jalapeno until I was half way through. Well deserved mental high-five for that one! Seriously, you guys. This place is beyond killer. So if you’re in the Ballard neighborhood and in the mood for some awesome food AND great beer, make sure to check out No Bones Beach Club! Cheers Xx


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