Beer + Yoga

Yoga’s great. Beer’s great. You know what’s even better? Doing yoga IN a brewery and drinking the beer after. Yep, that’s a thing now; happening all around Seattle, you too can enjoy the simple things in life. Like doing your yoga and having your beer too! Have you seen them pop up? Chances are there will be one in your neighborhood brewery any time soon!


IMG_4025Just Add Yoga, or Beer + Yoga, was held at Spinnaker Bay Brewing today and my friend and I had the pleasure of experiencing our first class with them! I’ll admit, I’ve been kind of fan-girling over Jess and the girls at Just Add Yoga; between instagram stalking and looking at their Facebook, I needed to experience this for myself. With not doing yoga for… probably three or four years, this class was fantastic! I’ve had the worst knee problems, but I made it through the class (almost) without dying! Jen, who teaches over at 8 Limbs in West Seattle, was the teacher for yesterday’s class, and let me tell you.. I’ve never laughed so hard at a yoga class!


I’ve never heard of Spinnaker Bay Brewing, but maybe just because it’s on the other side of the world from me. But that’s what’s kind of exciting about these yoga classes- it pushes you to try new beer! Fine, if you’re going to twist my arm… The space itself is kind of quirky with an old style bar in the corner, mirrors and all, with awesome brick walls and an old piano. I, of course, had to get the Don’t Panic Porter which was a little lighter of a porter; the color itself was dark as night like a typical porter, but the taste wasn’t as full as I usually dig. The smell was a little toasty and caramelly, and it lives up to it in the taste. Overall it was a pretty good beer, but I’d maybe classify it as a brown.

IMG_4038So when it comes to yoga and beer, I think you really only have one option to check out Just Add Yoga (click it! It’ll take you to the tickets/dates available) and don’t be shy.The yoga class is for all levels, so don’t worry if you aren’t the very best at yoga or even if you’re a straight newbie- I think they said they had SIX people the other weekend who had never done yoga. Nothing’s more relaxing than an hour of yoga followed by a well deserved beer! It also gives you an excuse to not feel guilty, and you can trust me.. I strongly agree with an after workout beer! Next week’s at Lucky Envelope in Ballard and if you haven’t been there yet, this is a perfect excuse to check it out!! So what are you waiting for? Go buy tickets and drink it up! Cheers Xx


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