I can’t remember the last time I wanted to celebrate St. Paddy’s day… Okay, I was 19 and went to a stupid party- no thanks. So I pretty much even forgot what yesterday was. Plus I met my mom earlier in the day and she gave me a nice little *pinch* that immediately made me give her the death glare. What? I own NO green.. All I knew was that I’d go to work at 3 and stumble my tired ass home at 9. Boy, was I wrong. Between a nursing party (holy hell can the medical field drink) and people stumbling in dressed up in green, I left around 11, making sure I had a bottle or two with me. Hey, responsible. Well.. for my sanity at least.

My dude introduced me to Hop Valley a few months ago but I’ve never had their Porter. You know that my loyalties lie with Washington beer, but somehow Oregon just keeps getting it right, too! I sear, I’m not changing my alliances; Portland is pretty much identical to Seattle, so there’s my justification… right? So being that it was St. Patrick’s Day, I felt only inclined to get a dark dark dark beer (no Guinness for this gal) and this label immediately drew me in. We know my love for porters.. but also vanilla. Give. Me. Everything.

This beer definitely delivered in the vanilla realm. The aroma was a little toasty and vanilla-y, with a beautiful tan head. I honestly missed a bit of the ‘typical’ porter; the taste was a little more bitter than I’m used to, but held true to the espresso/coffee notes and, you guessed it, vanilla. The bitterness lingered a bit, making me want to keep drinking it down. But overall this was a pretty tasty brew! I think I’ll probably stick to their IPAs, though. They really know how to knock it out of the park. Plus, if you didn’t notice, kitty really approved of it too. Cheers Xx


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