Watershed Pub & Eatery

An excuse to meet a friend for beer is almost my favorite; we get to catch up, I get to study the beer menu.. really, everyone is happy. When we needed to make a target run, I figured Watershed would be the perfect spot! Also, why is Target just like Ikea? Seriously, why and what did I even buy?! Seriously, don’t leave me alone in a store, I will buy ALL THE THINGS. So Watershed Pub is actually celebrating their 2nd anniversary this weekend! It seems like a lot of breweries and pubs are celebrating these past few months, apparently the beer industry does their own version of March Madness. The great thing about working is that I keep forgetting that you actually have to ask for days off.. this is complete news to me. I guess celebrating their 2nd year had to come last night! But if you’re the opposite of me and have the weekend off, their will be happy hour ALL day Friday & Saturday, a special beer from Hale’s Ales aged in two different whiskey casks and some live music! Between these sweet little treats AND their pretty awesome menu, you gotta check it out!!

 I mean, just take a look at this beer list! I dig a local tap list, where you can literally find all the breweries around town (or a few down south), but it definitely catches my eye. I’ve had a few Big Time Brewing beers, but mostly when they’re on tap at Ballard Beer Co. After indulging on far too many Girl Scout Cookies, a Pale seemed right up my alley. And by the way, is it legal for those girls to sell you SO many cookies? Shouldn’t their be a warning or a cut off limit? Because I swear I OD’ed last night.. whatever they’re doing, those girls are gonna be businesswomen.. Anyway, at 5.8%, this brew was very even and drinkable for a pale. It definitely lived up to the crisp, light and citrusy taste of a typical pale, but still held a great level of flavor (I feel like a lot of pales can be way too bland). So basically, if you’re in the neighborhood this weekend, hop over to Watershed, check out their tasty grub & down some good brews. Cheers Xx


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