Mango Even Keel

IMG_4242I’ve had this beer sitting in my fridge for a bit, never really feeling like it was the ‘right’ time- because clearly there is a right time to drink a beer? I don’t know. But being that it’s over 60 degrees in Seattle, I felt like mango might just be what the day called for! After all, we are the city that freaks out about the weather getting sunny or above that magic 60 degrees, I guess my summer comes up (mangos are summery, okay?). I’ve never been a fan of mango, either, but have heard so many rave reviews about this brew from Ballast Point that I felt way obligated to snag a can when I was at work. Now, I’ve heard that the latest batch from Ballast has been a bit different than the last.. but I’m really just dabbling for the first time; so if you’re a veteran with this brew, don’t judge me!

IMG_4243I honestly haven’t had too much from Ballast Point, mostly because it tends to be SUPER expensive. Last time I checked, San Diego wasn’t an import- ha ha. This beer was actually quite refreshing! I poured it in to a jar, and it poured such a lovely honey gold color. The aroma is amazing as well, huge hits of citrus and honey overpower. I was really surprised with the taste, too. The first taste is definitely more citrus and mango, smoothing in to a bit of a bitter hop taste and ending with that citrus note again. Mouthfeel is more like an ale, but a bit thinner, making it quite drinkable. It also has a low ABV, which is nice since it’s way drinkable. But really, this beer is just pumping me up for the summer time! Next time you see this or the pineapple sculpin from Ballast Point, swoop some up!! Cheers to warmer weather and brews Xx


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