S’more of That

IMG_4292It’s not even 3pm, but my vacation officially started at 1pm! In a few short hours we’re up, up and away to Arizona for some golfing, beer drinking and down right shenanigans. As soon as I saw this can/bottle, I knew I had to be all up in that. I mean, a s’more stout? I’d have to be nuts to not try it. Right outta Portland comes Base Camp Brewing Co.; while I haven’t had too many of their beers, I have to admit their labeling, their can style bottle and general aesthetic of their beers is somewhat appealing. This brewery started in 2012, kind of like all the other crazy experimental craft brewers in the PNW; they are another brewery that loves to capture the essence of the North West (which I personally love), and they come from a long line of brewing, as well! So no brand new blood here, just awesome ideas! All their beers are outdoor/wilderness related, too!
IMG_4293So it’s no surprise I’ll be focusing on the S’more Stout today (sorry, I can’t help but take pictures outside in nature! This weather is INSANE!). As soon as I poured this beer, I instantly felt like I was around a bonfire. Aromas of coffee, caramel and toasty smoke will smack you right in the nose, making me itch for those summer nights. The pour is dark as night, typical of a stout, with a beautiful tan head- and hey, please ignore the Guinness glass, it was a gift from Ireland and my amazing brother! The taste is toasty, maybe a bit graham crackery, chocolate and coffee and a bit caramel as well. I honestly wish there was a bit more marshmallow or something, being truly like a s’more. But hey, don’t get me wrong, they definitely were able to capture the whole bonfire/s’mores theme!

(null)You don’t even have to get marshmallow all over your face or smell like a bonfire for two weeks, no matter how many times you wash your clothes or hair, to enjoy a s’more! I know, I’m drifting away from the typical Seattle brews I’ve covered the last few months, but it’s well worth it! Trust me, I’m an expert- ha ha. Next up will be some AZ beers!! Hopefully we can find some cool breweries in Phoenix! Until then, enjoy this beautiful weather!


Cheers Xx


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