Sumerian’s 1-yr

I may be a bit biased about Sumerian; something about their great beer and… I’m lucky enough to work there. But I am downright excited that this Friday we get to celebrate our first anniversary! So, what’s the big deal? Besides getting to let me pour you some brews, we also will be releasing some new beer, $1 off all beers, a raffle and even a birthday cake. That’s right.. C.A.K.E. Enough said, right?

So what’s on the list for new brews? Well.. I’m quite excited for this:

12909612_850971635009114_1909679905685066047_oAnniversary Featured Beers:

Two Cask Beers:  

  1. Cask Saison “dry hopped” with coriander and orange peel
  2. Cask Triple IPA 10.5% dry hopped 4 different times

Aged Beer:

One of the first brews made on the small system when we started test brewing (6/3/14) –  this Porter aged in a small French oak merlot barrel is amazing and very / extremely limited = first come first serve.

Friday, the 8th from 6-9pm. See you guys there! Cheers Xx


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