Biggest Craft Breweries

Have you heard the buzz? The Brewers Association just released the top 50 breweries ranked in the U.S., and I’ve gotta say I’m a little confused. Where’s Washington?! How do we have so many breweries here.. but oh well. The 50 breweries were ranked based on volume of sales in 2015, and I’ve gotta say I haven’t heard of a lot of these breweries (looks like we’re taking a road trip, who’s with me?!).

With all the competition of breweries in the last 10 years, their seems to remain one top dog when it comes to dominating the sales force: Yuengling & Son based out of Pottsville. This brewery is known as ‘the oldest brewery’ and have been around since 1829. I guess after 187 years you kind of know a thing or two about beer, huh?

Among the 50 breweries there are a few of my favorites (even though they aren’t from WA): Deschutes Brewing rings in as number 8, Firestone Walker at 13, Rogue Ales at 34 and a few others I can’t wait to visit! Does California have some sort of secret, or did the weather just draw the brew geniuses down there? With all the crazy talent in the PNW, I’m already looking forward to the 2016 list and better see some Washington Breweries! So what are your thoughts? Does this list represent the United States as a whole? Below is the list from the Brewers Association!


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