Holy Mountain- Milk Stout

IMG_4463My love for stouts is probably directly related to my obsession of coffee and all things tasty, so there was no doubt that Holy Mountain would steal my heart. Yes, it’s April and it’s in the 80’s but don’t you dare tell me it’s too hot to drink a stout beer! Holy Mountain Brewery has this crazy way of making every single beer they make taste like beer from the God’s themselves. The taproom I work out usually has Holy Mountain on tap, so I’ve been spoiled enough to try a handful of their brews. That’s not to say Holy Mountain doesn’t have a killer taproom; they’re located in Interbay and tucked behind some buildings by the train tracks. It’s pretty neat, actually. The first time I went there I was following a friend and was thinking that this was for sure going to be the death of me.. but it turned out to be completely rad!

But let’s get down to business with this stout. The Shadowlifter Coffee Milk Stout is one for the books. This oatmeal stout, which has both American and British malt, also combines a perfect level of milk sugar and coffee from Elm Coffee Roasters in Pioneer Square (which, by the way, is a FANTASTIC coffee shop.. check em out!!). With a heavy coffee scent straight to the nose, the taste follows the same. Honestly, I don’t know if I could give this brew enough praise. I pride myself on tasting out some amazing stouts, and this really is the best one I’ve had yet! And hey, that’s a lot of competition just completely crushed. This brew is creamy, coffe-y, smooth, balanced and downright delicious. Only thing missing? Maybe some ice cream. So if you’re in the Interbay area check out this brewery! Or hurry up and hop in your car. Cheers Xx


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