Black Raven Flock Party

Have no fear, you guys. I’m BACK! Oof, it’s been a tough two weeks with classes and stupid life stuff, but I’m back in the saddle.

Admittedly, it’s taken me far too long to make it to Black Raven Brewing in Redmond.. but I finally made it there the other night! As some of you know, and are about to know, their 7th anniversary soirée will be taking place this Saturday the 7th (how fitting, right?!).  I’ve heard so many things about their flock parties: live music, food from Bread and Circuses, some special brews (no lineup released yet), some cigar lounge festivities and more. I figured going before the storm might be my best bet, and maybe make it back on Saturday as well!

IMG_5007I started with their Session IPA, which I was actually really surprised about. Session beers typically never hit about 5% ABV, and this one came in at a whopping 4.8%- I see what you did there, BR, really getting everything out of it yah could! But, typically, session beers make up for that lost ABV with a bit too much bitterness and far too much malt for my liking. This one definitely didn’t give that bunch of a malt that most sessions give, but leaned more towards a red IPA instead. The next beer we had to try was their Splinters barrel aged beauty. I’m a huge fan of barrel aged goodness; I used to drink a mean amount of whiskey so I guess I still have a little pallet for it. One of the beertenders came over, and guilting me with the fact I work in the industry, forced this beer on us. Holy smokes- this beer was actually killer. Now this beer is a scotch ale, which I’m not too well versed in.. but I was with someone who generally won’t give scotch ales a chance and said it was pretty tasty and without being too bourbon forward! Huge notes of bourbon (but well balanced), vanilla and roasty malts hit both your nose and tongue but with a surprisingly light body (we can blame that on the scotch ale- in a good way).

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is you should for sure check out the Flock Party happening this Saturday from noon to seven. And word on this street is they do shut it down AT seven, so get there with plenty of time! Cheers Xx


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