Enjoy by: 5.30.16

I like a beer that gives me a time frame to drink it- a bit of a challenge. My 22oz game has been seriously slacking lately.. But don’t worry, we’re back in the game. Between drinking a ton of Sumerian beer around work & a class schedule that’s driving me up a wall, things have been a little less beery.. I know.. I’m ashamed. First off, I had no idea Whole Foods had such an awesome beer selection. From beer brewed in Washington to out-of-state gems, I couldn’t help but swoop up this bad boy from Stone Brewing Co.

I guess I didn’t understand how extensive and crazy Stone Brewing really is. Their Enjoy By IPA series has about 11 beers (I hope I counted that right) and has a wide array of flavors. We all know beer needs time to ferment and really get the flavors going, but Stone approaches this series on the flip-flop. Drink the beer before the flavors change and it becomes sometime the brewmasters didn’t intend to achieve. These beers are brewed to only last 37 days from bottle to consumption. I haven’t tried aging one yet, but I’m pretty curious to see what the difference it makes after the Enjoy By date- I guess I’ll leave it up to the experts for now.

The Tangerine Double IPA that I drank is one that is released three times a year: May, July & October. Brewed with pureed tangerine & ten different hops to really balance out the tangerine and give it a very hop-forward profile. The aroma definitely gives off tasty orange notes accompanied by other fruits. I really dug this because it had a bite of bitterness but it didn’t overwhelm me with an attack of those ten pesky hops.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to try the Unfiltered Enjoy By coming up soon! Cheers Xx


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