Triple-Goddess Kombucha

Usually I stick to a porter, stout, IPA or something along those lines, but here I am drinking a kombucha beer that looked too weird/interesting to not try out. Unity Vibration Brewery aims to reimagine the American wild ale and blur lines between kombucha and Belgian lambics. Located in Michigan, this brewery is offering something I have personally never experienced.. and I’ve got to say it’s taking some getting used to!

IMG_5100I’m currently sipping their Triple-Goddess Raspberry Beer, which is brewed with kombucha, fresh organic raspberries and dry hopped. On top of all that, the ‘beer’ is also open-air fermented in oak barrels then bottle conditioned- talk about a crazy process! Honestly, I wouldn’t really classify it as a beer; it looks like you’re pouring out a cherry soda or maybe a raspberry lemonade and poured with absolutely zero head. If you’re a fan of kombucha, this might be the brew for you. The flavor is way more tart than sweet, and has that vinagery taste that you can get from kombucha. My tastebuds are kind of going nuts right now! The first few sips I had were almost face-puckering, but now as I continue to drink I get more of that raspberry from it. Honestly, this is pretty tasty, if you step back and try not to compare it as beer, and at 8% I guess I can knock it back. I’d be interested to see how the other beers taste! Cheers Xx


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