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Seattle’s beer scene never seizes to amaze me. And thanks to beer friends, I had the chance to check out Flying Bicycle Brewing; this brewery is a Co-op.. so basically it’s owned by the public. Like the BECU of breweries! This is Washington first ever cooperative brewery, and you can sign up here. I’ve heard it doesn’t cost TOO much, there are member happy hours & members actually get to choose what gets put on tap. So basically, if you’re super in to beer, you can have a say on what gets put on tap plus submit your own homebrew as well! I kind of hope this trend catches on; the amount of beers they had on tap and the array of flavors and styles was enough to make me daydream about heading back there. Being right next to Naked City Brewing, you have no excuses to not check itout. (Plus there’s subway tile. I love subway tile. AND bike grips!)

After a long day of work, the Lavender Haze IPA looked way too good to not order a pint of. This American IPA was one of the easiest 6.2%’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of knocking back. The pour was a nice golden copper color with a thin head (I drank it before I remembered to snap a pic). Aromas of lavender, orange peel and citra hops were definitely all up in my nose- and I’m not even mad. So if you’re a fan of lavender.. it was very present in this brew! Might be one of the best lavender infused beers I’ve ever tried, actually. Aside from the lavender, I also picked up on some bitterness, but not too over the top. It’s safe to say I want all the growler fills of this guy!

IMG_5112Next up I had their Phinneywood Porter ringing in at 6.4%. I might be the only one that is really stoked on this overcast weather we’ve got going on. Something about the chill in the air, being able to wear a ton of layers AND an excuse to cuddle up and grab a beer has got me all sorts of excited. Also, this is my favorite type of weather to knock back a porter! Porters and heat don’t really mix well (or that’s what they like to tell you) so I was excited to get my hands- and tastebuds, on this. I guess you can say this porter is pretty standard for an American style; it wasn’t infused or on nitro, just some good clean porter up in that pint glass. Awesome levels of coffee, chocolate and malt made this porter a thumbs up in my book. A little heavy mouthfeel, but I’m in to that sort of thing.

The last beer I managed to consume before heading out was their Chocolate Orangesicle Stout on nitro which I was pleasantly surprised about. I was expecting this beer to be either completely too orangey or so muted you had no idea you were drinking anything but a normal stout. Holy smokes. I was so into this!! The stout poured a dark dark chocolate with a nice level of head (sorry, no picture I forgot!!). This brew was a little bit lighter of mouthfeel than most stouts, but at 4.8% I guess I’m not too upset about it- especially after following a heavier porter. The first taste is definitely more chocolate than anything, but as you let it settle on your pallet the orange comes through with a really subtle but tasty finish. They really nailed the level of sweetness too, it wasn’t like you were chugging down some chocolate infused with orange. Overall pretty dang tasty, I’ll have four more please!

I also heard their Zest Appeal Grapefruit IPA is downright delicious, but I’m not a grapefruit fan, so go see for yourself! If you’re in the Greenwood area and looking for some killers, definitely run (or bike) down to Flying Bike Cooperative Brewing for some brews your tastebuds will NOT hate you for. Cheers Xx


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