Burdick Brewing

I feel like Seattle is way smaller than it appears, but I guess that’s why I love living in Ballard. If you’re used to Seattle neighborhoods, it’s almost like they are tiny little cities of their own. The only time I venture out of my ‘city’ is for work or maybe finding a new brewery; But I’m still shocked at who you can run in to here..

Whole foods seems to have a pretty killer selection of brews, but I always find myself looking up and down the aisle trying to find something I haven’t dappled in yet (trying to get those check-ins, always). While this guy and I did a little aisle dance, attempting to read labels, check mental notes and not run in to each other, this other guy came up to help. As soon as he said ‘have you tried Burdick Brewery?’ I knew I had to jump into the conversation.. I know, it’s annoying. If you’re going to talk about beer chances are I’ll give you my two cents. To make a short story long.. this other guy turns out to be the owner of Burdick (Yep, I kind of fangirled a bit)! After chatting it up with Max a bit, I realized I hadn’t tried their session IPA- if you follow, you know session IPAs are a whole new ball game for me.

The great thing about session beers is that you still get that level of hoppiness and flavor with a fraction of the ABV. This beer rings in at 4% and a very easy drink. I found this brew to be a bit more mild than most other SIPAs, but I honestly really dug it. I didn’t pick up on much aroma, but I really dug the light mouthfeel and floral, but not too floral, yet hoppy tasting notes. This beer is definitely easy drinking and quite tasty as well! I’ve heard that Burdick is currently looking for a tasting room location, so for now you just have to go find their bottles around town! Cheers Xx



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