Chuck’s on 85th

Chuck’s Hop Shop is exactly what they advertise, The Land of a Thousand Beers. It’s something of myths, wonderment, stuffed with excitement and… a ton of anxiety. How the hell am I going to choose anything with all these choices?! Each row, or door, has a different category; imperial IPAs, pales, sours, stouts.. all in different spots. Which you would think would make it easy to find what you want? Nope! So overwhelming. Luckily every time I’ve gone in there, some Chuck employee is always willing to help me out, buncha sweetpeas.

Aside from all their bottles, Chuck’s also offers 40 different beers on tap. The other day I decided to poke my head in for one final hoorah before the big move. Chuck’s on 85th is a pretty sweet spot; their outdoor patio is kind of my new favorite.. and of course now I move..

Now, I had every intention to snag some bottles and head straight home to back but, c’mon, how could I leave without sipping some half pints? Plus, instead of packing, I just had to get some blogging done. Well here we go again with the life choices.. I’m pretty sure the guys working wanted to punch me.. After some great debate, I settled on pFriem’s Helles Lager The Bruery’s Cuivre.
pFriem has some pretty awesome beers all around; I usually don’t dig lagers but actually found this one to be pretty tasty. As you can see, it pours a beautiful gold with a thin head. The aroma was a bit of honey, citrus, white wine (grapey) and a bit biscuity and the taste really matched the nose. At 4.8%, this was one of the easiest beers to drink and will be PERFECT for the summertime! I could have totally gone for more than half a pint, but I’m attempting to be a responsible adult and make sure I packed up my whole apartment. The next beer I dabbled in totally kicked my butt. The boy at Chuck’s suggested I only have a QUARTER of a pint.. and I was almost offended. Do you know how much a drink?! Okay.. but they’re Processed with VSCO with wwf presetprofessionals. The Bruery has a Cuivre that rings in at 16.9%- holy smokes. The pour of this beer was almost exactly like a stout or porter; dark chestnut in color with a pretty tan head. This has got to be one of the most bourbony beers I have ever had; the nose was straight bourbon, maple, toffee and a nice even vanilla note as well. The flavor really packed a total punch as well. This old ale had the typical flavor profile that really melded perfectly with the bourbon and caramel. The mouthfeel was a bit much and felt really almost syrupy, and I got an overly sweet flavor as well. I like the bourbon balance, but felt like there might be a bit too much sweetness to it. After drinking the 1/4 pint, I could totally understand why they gave me so little! A full pint of this really probably would murder me. All in all, I’m going to really miss being able to stop by Chuck’s on my way home!! Oh well, on to East Side life for this chick! Cheers Xx



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