Pelican Kiwanda Cream

Are you guys surviving this ridiculous heat in Seattle? Today it got up to 95 degrees- I’m talking FIVE degrees lower than triple digits. Sure, global warming or whatever.. but does the earth know that us Seattlites simply can’t even?! I’m good with 65-72 degrees, after that I literally start to melt, get incredibly irritable and become a huge baby. Don’t get me wrong, heat is cool and all.. but maybe if I’m in Hawaii!!

So with the heat comes a change in my drinking patterns. All of a sudden  I want to do is suck down an ice cold beer of the lighter variety. Over two years ago I had a cream ale on tap in Ballard, but for the life of me I cannot remember the name. Every time I go somewhere I take a quick peak at a tap list in hopes I might see it again.. but nothing- nada! But guess what! This is it! THIS is the beer I had way back in March last year (thanks to Untappd, which records all my alcohols).When I went to Ballard Station and this Pelican Brewery Kiwanda Cream was on tap, the bartender had said that cream ales rarely ever go on tap; so what are the odds of me walking through the store and seeing this bad boy?!

Light beers really aren’t my thing, and definitely not lagers. So it’s almost odd that I’m attracted to cream ales.. or maybe it’s the fact that it’s 200 degrees outside. Cream Ales are like lagers, but tend to be a bit more fruity, use a different sugar to create that creaminess and really aims to be an adaptation of the American Lager. The pour was pretty damn light (as you can see) and had an aroma of faint fruit, some bready-ness and some malts. It definitely tasted like a lager with some pilsner aspects to it as well. Very light body and so easy to drink! So if this stupid hot summer keeps up looks like I found my new summer brew! So far I’ve found this 22 at QFC’s, so go check it out!! Cheers Xx


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