Flatstick Pub- Pioneer Square


Games and drinking go hand-in-hand, so what’s coming to Seattle on June 15th is pretty exciting! If you’ve been to the Kirkland Flatstick Pub, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But take that location and almost triple it, and that’s what you’ll get at their new Pioneer Square location in Seattle. Next to Good Bar, Elm Coffee Roaster and Pizzeria Gabbiano, Flatstick is bringing something to Seattle that has been missing: mini golf and local brews. Entering from the street, follow the stairs down to the main level with hostess/merch desk, the main bar and a 9-hole duffleboard. Continuing down to the bottom level, which is just a handful of stairs down, you’ll find the mini-golf course, plenty of space for party rentals, a small bar with four taps, boardgames lining the walls, and if you’re feeling extra competitive you can challenge your friends to a game of Robodub.

IMG_5750Flatstick features a nine-hole mini golf course, Duffle Board (which is a new game that the owners actually invented), 30 taps, a game called Robodub and a ton of fun. I’ve been on a few mini golf leagues- yep, that’s a real thing, but Flatstick has some seriously challenging mini-golf! This location has a Seattle theme going on; from their Key Arena, Century Link, Boeing & Safeco themes with their Duffleboard to a gigantic space needle on the course, this place fully embodies the true Seattle vibe.

So, what is Duffleboard, you ask? It’s kind of a combination of shuffleboard and mini golf, and is pretty fantastic. This nine-course game could be really addicting! With a mixture of targets and hole-in-ones you can get, this game is equally frustrating (in a competitive way) and exciting. A round of Duffleboard will be $3.50 regular and only $2.00 on happy hour! Robodub will also offer a pretty neat game for patrons to check out. The game almost looks like a real life halo scenario; with two remote control cars, targets and even a ‘golf’ option, this game is completely hands on and awesome!

The games are definitely a focal point at this pub, but they also offer 24 rotating beers, five ciders, two wines and non-alcoholic options as well. Only serving Washington brews that aren’t corporate, so really bringing a variety of styles of craft beer that we all love in Washington; plus that local pride we all have in the brews around town. Currently there aren’t any food options at Flatstick (unless you just want pretzels, which are delicious) but Manu’s Bodega will be opening by the end of summer. With multiple street taco options from pulled beef, carnitas, chicken mole, veggie options, salsa verde, braised pork and also a signature queso dip. Seriously, I thought golf AND beer would be fantastic but now you’re going to throw tacos my way?? I might never leave this place..

While they’re going through a soft-opening right now to test out some kinks, Flatstick will be doing their actual opening next week with some specials. One thing to keep in mind and remember is that this location is card only; with new laws coming our way, places are leaning more towards using credit/debit over cash- and you can use apple pay as well. Andy and Sam, the owners, set out to make this place a staple in Seattle; a destination in the city that people want to check out and can’t help but keep going back to. Honestly, they completely nailed it. Between the huge bar, Henry murals on all the walls, mini-golf and some pretty killer staff, this place is definitely going to be a wild success.

Clear your schedule for next Wednesday because this spot is where it’s at!! Cheers Xx


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