pFriem- Down Under IPA

13319781_10206984822358728_4661368179711395734_nIt’s the day after my college graduation- although I still have to complete a few summer classes, it feels absolutely surreal. I’ve spent the last seven years, on and off, figuring out what I wanted to do with my life and if college would even be something I could tackle. Yesterday I finally did it, Harry Potter graduation cap and all. My time at UW pushed me to explore my own passion, and actually led me to writing this blog about beer. Cheers to adulthood and drinking even more beer for work! Right?? No, but really.. can someone please tell me how to adult? Because that’s the one thing they forget to teach you..

So what better way to celebrate than cracking open an IPA from pFriem Family Brewers? I’ve made it no secret that I love pFriem’s brews; their regular IPA, mosaic single hop IPA and now this tasty little Down Under IPA. Again, who wants to do an Oregon beer trip with me? The more I drink Oregon beers, the more I want to hit up Bend and Hood River.

Processed with VSCO with wwf preset

This Down Under IPA poured a pretty clear golden color with a decent head and some lacing as well, which can be chalked up to just another beautifully brewed beer. This beer had a bit of some caramel malt both in the aroma and in the taste, but definitely not over the top. My favorite was the level of citrus that came with this beer which seems to be grapefruit and some more tropical flavors like kiwi and apricot. The name stems from the hop variety they used, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, Ella, Topaz, which are all hops from New Zealand. I gotta say, I was pretty in love with this beer. It was a lot sweeter than most IPAs, probably due to the hop profile, and I’m a little sad I didn’t snag a few bottles! So drop what you’re doing and go down to your local bottle shop and take all the pFriem beers for yourself! Hey, it’s Monday after all.



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