Beer Clubs? Yes Please.



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Who doesn’t like tons of beer, soft pretzels and becoming part of a beer club?! Now that I’m an unofficial Eastsider, I forget about the awesome spots around Seattle; And as crazy as South Lake Union is, Brave Horse Tavern will always be one of my favorite spots- even amidst AmazonLand.

Brave Horse had a pretty intense selection of beers with 30+ on tap that’s constantly rotating; even more
impressive.. they update them ONLINE, which makes it even easier to make sure your untappd potential is there. Along with their crazy tap list, this tavern also offers bottle selections, ciders & gluten- free numbers as well.

But the most exciting thing might, in fact, be their beer club. After we were well in to our first pint the waitress came over and asked if we wanted to join, and without even pausing I just yelled ‘HELL YES!’. You see, I like clubs, and beers, and all the things related to it. I
literally could have just committed us to a $50 a month club… but my excitement just took over! Turns out it’s only $10 to sign up and with that you get your first pint for only $2 every day, access to Processed with VSCO with wwf presettheir beer events & a heads up when brewers will be at the Tavern.

Yeah, yeah.. clubs are exciting and all but their pretzels and beers are beyond killer! I’m still getting a hang of Gose’s and Sours, but this Seapine Brewing Company makes a mean Peach Gose! The nose offered up peach, salt and some citrus as well. I kind of missed a bit of the peach in the flavor, it felt a little too subdued until the end; however, the salty & tangy citrus approach your taste buds at first and melt in to the peaches in the end. Honestly, this is the reason I’m getting in to sours and goses. And I really just want to drink like 8 of these!! Cheers Xx


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