Washington Beer Awards: 2016

wba_007_bwHats off to all those who judged the over 900 beers from just 139 breweries in this years Beer Awards! Could you even imagine judging THAT many brews? It’s kind of fun to see how things have changed over the years, and last years competition only had 107 breweries! So cheers to Washington beer! This competition is pretty strict with only allowing Washington breweries to enter and the beer must be made and sold in Washington as well.


Out of the 950 beers, there were 59 categories of beer including chili beers, sours, vegetable beers (yeah.. that’s a thing!) and clearly many more! Many of you know that I work at a brewery, and I’m most excited to say that Sumerian took home two Silver Awards for our Sargon IPA (Session IPA), which is our second silver from Washington Beer Awards, & our most tasty Eruption Double IPA! Seriously, go team Sumerian and Tyson our head brewer!!!!


Here’s a list of all the breweries and the metals awarded from Washington Beer Awards, and cheers to even more competition next year!


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