Nice Day IPA

Something about the weather being over 75 degrees makes me want to chug down some IPAs, amiright? Lunch meetings are no exception; we stopped in at The Commons in the heart of Woodinville Wine Country for some lunch- and by lunch, I mean drinking.

Silver City Brewing is out of Bremerton, IMG_6056Washington and has been around for about 20 years. I’ve had a few of their beers and am always pleasantly surprised; plus, something about their labels always ends up drawing me to them. So scanning through the beer list at The Commons, I noticed their Nice Day IPA in a can. It’s kind of funny how I didn’t remember if I had had the beer before, but I instantly could picture the can in my head- brand recognition anyone?? And, come on, how delicious does that look?

The pour was a light golden color with a thin, disappearing head. The aroma is definitely citrus- grapefruit and tangerine overwhelm your smell buds but there’s also some earthy aspects as well. The taste offers up more of that citrus flavor but also melts in to quite the bitterness, with tangerine still in the nose. This beer was very leveled with it’s sweetness to bitterness ratio, and it didn’t have me running for the hills. At only 5.5% ABV, this IPA is such an easy drinker (especially for these way-too-hot kind of days) and great taste for low alcohol content. Also, the mouthfeel was quite light, which gives all the more reason to run down to the store and swoop up a six pack! Cheers Xx


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