Schooner Exact- Hopvine

Have you ever had those conversations that just gets you completely pumped up for everything? Sometimes we just need a little piece of mind, or validation, that makes us go “Ohhhhhh thank god I’m not losing it!”. Well, today was one of those days for me; I got to sit down with Zan from Pike Brewing and pick his brain a bit- and I’ve got to tell you, I
got more out of that one hour conversation than mostof my college career. Okay! I’m kidding (mom & dad, it was worth the 5 years..), but it’s seriously so great DSC06439to talk about the things you’re passionate about with someone who jives with it too.

One of the beers I’ve had tucked away in the fridge is this IPA from Schooner Exact out of Seattle. This IPA poured a really beautiful golden color, a decent amount of head and some really neat lacing. The aroma smacks you straight in the face with citrus, floral hops, a bit of pine & some sweet malt characteristics- seriously, can I just smell this beer all day? I’m really digging the bitterness to grapefruit/citrus ratio that’s going on here; I’m not wanting to knock it back to get rid of the bitterness, yet it does a great job balancing out the citrus notes. Like a typical IPA, it had a medium mouthfeel and weighs in at 6.1% ABV but left me wanting to drink more and more of it. I have to be honest, I’m a little shocked that it has taken me this long in to my beer career to try this! So if you are in Seattle, Oregon or all the way in Tokyo, you can get your hands on these guys in stores and bottle shops; if not, looks like we just found you your next vacation! Cheers Xx



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