Great Lei IPA

Woah, the last week has been absolutely nuts.. and it’s only Monday?! I started my very first big kid job as a social media manager, and let me tell you.. it’s crazy! Between being in charge of my own schedule, vision, motivation and everything under the sun, it’s really throwing me for a loop. Luckily I work with some really amazing people, and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

The next six weeks will really test my juggling skills; now I’m a manager, writer, beertender AND finishing up my final quarter at UW. I cannot believe how the last two months have gone, and I’m positively excited.

DSC06467.jpgI promised to save this 22 for my work friends, but after an already 8 hour, day I figured what the hell. I stumbled upon this IPA at The Beer Junction and immediately fell in love with it; fruit IPAs are sometimes really scary because they can be so overpowering and sweet you can’t even handle it. This one, however, is not part of that category. Belching Beaver Brewery is out of Vista, California, so it almost seems appropriate that they would kill it with this pineapple colada IPA.  The pour looks like a standard IPA, had a thin head and minimal lacing. The first time I had this beer was on draft, and I got a lot more pinacolada than from the 22 pour; although the taste wasn’t completely the same, I still got the taste of pineapple and coconut, along with hop bitterness and more pineapple notes in the aftertaste. Medium body, like a typical American IPA, which I assume has to do with the coconut that made it deliciously creamy.

While this was a pretty tasty beer, I would for sure try and hunt it down on tap! I can’t wait to find more from this brewery- it looks like they have a really awesome lineup of beers. If you’re looking for an excuse to drink some fruity deliciousness, definitely snag one of these guys!

Cheers Xx


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